(April 29, 2024) Hope and Healing Nurse opened its “doors” this past March by providing health and wellness Telehealth with a unique combination of services.

Founder, Celia Ferris-Stocker RN-BSN (Nurse Celia) offers a holistic nursing approach integrating mind, body, and spirit. Her compassionate approach fosters spiritual growth by creating a safe space for clients to heal and find hope towards improved health and wellness for themselves and/or their marriage. 

Nurse Celia is not a typical healthcare professional. She has been dedicated to holistic health and wellness for nearly 4 decades, immersing herself into the areas of nutrition, supplementation, fitness, disease prevention and consulting with naturopathic and functional medicine doctors. She believes we are a combination of our bodies, our emotions, and our spirituality. All these things combine to give us identity, determine our health, and make up our overall well-being.

After spending 30 years in the business and education worlds while raising her 4 children, Nurse Celia experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury at work in June 2022. This took her on a path of healing that would prepare her for mental health, wellness and spiritual coaching. Along that 22 month healing journey, Nurse Celia developed a passion for ministering to others and a deep empathy for those striving to unlock their fullest potential. She is now living out her God-given purpose to help men, women and couples who are struggling with emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.

With her foundation in nursing including a BSN-RN degree from Herzing University, along with a BSBA from The University of Kansas, coupled with extensive coaching expertise, and a Wellness Coach Certification from IAP, Nurse Celia is well-equipped to guide individuals toward holistic well-being. She is also a proud member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing and recently became a partner of the Melbourne Regional Chamber and American Business Women’s Association (ABWA). 

Nurse Celia specializes in coaching clients in Mental Health (anxiety and depression), Holistic Wellness, Marriage Coaching, Betrayal Trauma, PTSD, Faith Journey, Weight Management, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, and Diabetes. Her approach is strongly rooted in biblical principles, and her program is designed to help clients experience enhanced wellbeing and stronger marriages, as she coaches them out if the old and onto new beginnings.

The demand for Telehealth services has surged significantly in recent years, driven by various factors such as convenience, accessibility, the pandemic, rise in anxiety, depression, addictions, divorce, obesity and the need for more remote healthcare solutions. Nurse Celia has responded to the call to meet this high demand by offering Telehealth sessions via HIPAA compliant Zoom.

With an overburdened healthcare system and high clergy burnout rate, Nurse Celia has a desire to help lift the burden and fill the gaps in holistic client care. She believes The partnership between healthcare providers and churches/ministries represents a promising step towards addressing the holistic needs of individuals struggling with mental health issues. These collaborations offer a beacon of hope and healing for congregants seeking assistance from trusted and compassionate providers along their mental health and wellness journey.” 

Nurse Celia welcomes partnerships from local churches, ministries, and other non-profits, as well as, individuals and couples who are struggling with emotional, physical, and spiritual issues to contact her to learn more. Hope and Healing Nurse can be found online at: www.hopeandhealingnurse.com or by calling:
(321) 479-8881.

Celia Ferris-Stocker RN-BSN