Featured MRC Investors and Partners

Tomahawk Robotics

How do you create a safer operating environment for military personnel? By not sending a physical body into a dangerous situation in the first place. That’s the challenge that Tomahawk Robotics leadership proposed to their team nearly four years ago.

Novel Engineering

When you work hard enough, stay focused, and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. That’s what Florida native Misty Marot grew up hearing and is what helped her shape her company Novel Engineering, Inc. READ MORE

WELBRO Building Corporation

It’s no secret that to build a strong local economy you have to understand all the factors that can impact growth. For District 4 Council Member Debbie Thomas, this has been a focal point.


South Brevard Sharing Center
Tuckaway Shores Resort
Florida Wildlife Hospital
Ruff Houz Bark Park
Reusable Resource Adventure Center