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The Melbourne Regional Chamber Board of Directors establishes or dismantles committees of chamber partners based on the board’s perceived needs coupled with the goals of the board. Committees focus on particular areas of chamber oversight. 

Committees do not have authority in and of themselves. Their purpose is to research, brainstorm, monitor, debate, and present ideas and solutions to the board for consideration. A motion must pass at the committee level before its committee chair will carry the motion to the board for consideration. Once passed by the board, said motion becomes a chamber directive, event, policy, etc. which is then presented to the President / CEO to be executed by chamber staff. 

  • OPEN Committees: All Partners Welcome 
  • CLOSED Committees: Rules or Criteria to Participate


All Partners Welcome


Contrary to popular belief, these committee members don’t all golf! They are, however, committed to ensuring the Chamber’s new Pro-Am Golf Tournament is a success. These volunteers bring to the table a range of skills and backgrounds helps make that happen!

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This is the chamber’s largest committee! Many partners argue that the BA Committee is the most important thing that the chamber does. The purpose for associating, and for the chamber, they would argue, is to defend business from governmental attack and encroachment. One unarguable fact is that the chamber was founded in 1925 for partners to band together for Business Advocacy.

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