Augmenting Human Performance for the 21st Century Warrior

By Adam Martingano, Founder & Chief Strategist
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How do you create a safer operating environment for military personnel? By not sending a physical body into a dangerous situation in the first place. That’s the challenge that Tomahawk Robotics’ Founder & CTO Matt Summer, and CEO Brad Truesdell proposed to their Melbourne, Florida-based team nearly four years ago.

It’s true, advancements in technology can save lives and improve the efficiency of military operations worldwide. So why are we not taking full advantage of these options? There are several factors hindering the broad use of technology to keep operators out of harm’s way, however the most prevalent is something that the Tomahawk Robotics team has attacked head on, and are winning the battle.

At the core, Tomahawk Robotics is a software company, using AI and a proprietary Common Control System called Kinesis to remove friction between remote operators and air or ground unmanned systems. To use a simple metaphor, Tomahawk Robotics is doing what Microsoft did for the personal computer. They developed a suite of products that harmoniously work together to improve the usability of systems for an operator.

But there’s a catch, how do you explain the complexity of what Tomahawk Robotics is achieving in a way that makes it common knowledge? The answer is simple, give it a personal brand appeal. That’s why Matt and Brad recently brought on Melbourne native Tracey Maslow, a brand and product specialist to take their message mainstream. “The goal was to have our tech-based more on customer interaction, how the tech functions, and that the people and customers were the focus,” said Matt. “And we leverage our amazing network of partners like Groundswell Startups and the Melbourne Regional Chamber to help make this happen.”

There is one additional component that continues to propel Tomahawk Robotics along their journey, the team. It’s not just the DNA of the team which is made up of a mixture of military veterans, Ivy League grads, sales professionals, and engineers. It’s the proximity in which they operate. “Putting all these players in 1 location keeps everyone engaged, advancing the team’s knowledge by working together, rather than working in silos,” stated Tracey. “Although Tomahawk could be in a larger market like Silicon Valley, we’re based here in Melbourne, FL because it is and always will be about the people and the community.”

Tomahawk Robotics proudly designs, tests, and manufactures its products in the USA. To learn more visit: