President Donald Trump returned to Orlando Melbourne International Airport after making a prior campaign stop at the same location several months before. Explore Our History

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The Melbourne Regional Chamber was re-accredited as a Certified Plus Chamber. Explore Our History

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President Barack Obama made a visit to the Clemente Center at the Florida Institute of Technology. The same year, former President Bill Clinton visited the Palm Bay campus of Brevard Community College (now Eastern Florida State College). Explore Our History

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The chamber was renamed the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida, Inc. to communicate the organization’s interest in a regional outreach. The same year, the chamber was accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a 5-Star Chamber, heralding it as in the top 1% of all Chambers of Commerce nationwide. It was also accredited as a Certified Plus Chamber, the highest accreditation level in the state of [...]

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Annie the Dragon collapsed into the Indian River following a storm. Explore Our History

2021-06-22T14:37:20-04:00April 23, 2002|


The Henegar Center for the Arts opened its doors in the former Melbourne School building. Explore Our History

2021-06-22T14:37:27-04:00April 23, 1991|


President Ronald Reagan visited the Melbourne Regional Airport (now known as the Orlando Melbourne International ​Airport) to address the business community. Explore Our History

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The high-rise span of the Melbourne Causeway was dedicated by the State of Florida as The Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Memorial Bridge after the original builder of the bridge. Explore Our History

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With urging from the chamber, construction began on a third Melbourne Causeway, but both sides would not be opened until 1984. Explore Our History

2021-06-22T14:37:49-04:00April 23, 1976|
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