The Melbourne Regional Chamber’s DEI Committee exists to be a facilitator and connector of the best resources for businesses to utilize when seeking to understand diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Committee will work to educate and implement best practices on the Space Coast to enable businesses, residents, and visitors to feel respected, honored, acknowledged, and understood.

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Focused on recruiting new partners, this committee reviews the monthly partnership reports and considers such difficult and important issues as dues amounts and partner types. The Partnership Committee also brainstorms, organizes, and runs partnership drives. 

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The Strategic Planning Committee dives deep into where the chamber has been; but, more importantly, where it is going. Each year, they review the goals, tasks and metrics of the past year then update the five-year Strategic Plan for board review, based on those successes or missteps.

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Consisting of the chamber's elected officers, this is the most elite and prestigious committee of the chamber. This committee may take action on behalf of the board when the board is not in session. The committee's primary duty is to determine if issues are 'ripe' for board consideration as they prepare the board meeting agenda. 

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Board Governance Committee members are the keepers of the annual timeline, creators of policy, reviewers of bylaws, and nominators of new directors for the board. This nuts and bolts committee is the brain trust behind the chamber's most important documents. 

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