411 on the 321: Tales, Tenets and Tips from Space Coast Business Leaders, brought to you by the Melbourne Regional Chamber

Episode 34: Jason Marshall, Chair of Space Coast Young Professionals (SCYP)

On this week's podcast, learn more about our partner and Chair of our Space Coast Young Professionals Council, Jason Marshall. Jason recently moved down to the Space Coast from Albuquerque New Mexico with a background in public relations. Learn more about how Jason became a #spacecoast leader in his short time being on the Space Coast. Gain insight on our Space Coast Young Professionals (SCYP) Council's mission and what is in store for the future and our community. To learn more about our SCYP visit, https://www.melbourneregionalchamber.com/space-coast-young-professionals/

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Episode 33: David Cable RE/MAX Elite

On this week's podcast, learn more about our partner, ambassador and board member David Cable, Real Estate Professional at RE/MAX Elite. David Cable has never met a person that he did not consider a friend, whether in business or at play. Others describe him as trustworthy, truly genuine and professional yet personable. This multi-million dollar, full-service realtor’s primary goal is to get his clients RESULTS! His clients know that they can ask David anything about buying or selling their home because David believes that there is no such thing as a silly question. His kind and respectful personality calms people, and is a trait his clients truly appreciate. With an abundance of business-partners that help him fulfill his clients’ many needs, David’s approach to buying and selling homes is unique. So, be sure to call Team Cable for results.

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Episode 32: Apis Cor

On this week’s podcast, learn more about our partner, Apis Cor as we hear from CEO Anna Cheniuntai. Apis Cor is an American technology corporation that develops advanced technologies and materials for construction 3D printing. Not only is Apis Cor the world's first 3D showroom, but they are also located in the heart of Viera. Apis Cor’s mission is to advance the construction industry on earth and accelerate the reality of autonomous building on the moon and mars. Tune in to learn about Apis’ story and how they work with construction corporations to build up the Space Coast. For more information about our partner, visit https://www.apis-cor.com/

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Episode 31: Eclat Media Group

On this week’s podcast, learn more about our partner and Small Business Council Chair, Caitlin Rice, Founder/CEO of Eclat Media. What started as Caitlin Rice PR, seven years ago, transformed into Eclat Media as Caitlin moved down from Wisconsin. The Space Coast has been “home” for Eclat Media for five years and acts as almost a full-service public relations firm. Eclat offers many services such as writing and distributing press releases, media outreach, event planning and other services including media training, brand development and strategic planning! The list goes on. To view all the services, Eclat Media offers, visit https://www.eclatmediagroup.com/. Caitlin Rice also serves as the Chair of our Small Business Council which happens to be our largest council at the Melbourne Regional Chamber. Learn more about Caitlin’s role as Chair and her vision for the small business community.

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Episode 30: Good Dogg Beverage

On this week’s podcast, learn more about our partner, Good Dogg Beverage as we hear from CEO, Tony Venturoso. 4 years ago, Tony moved down with his wife from Boston to transition to the Space Coast. Learn more about what differentiates Good Dogg from other seltzers on the market. With all-natural, top-of-the-line ingredients, Tony is constantly elevating his products. Not only does this seltzer company have fantastic flavors, but they also have a strong meaning behind the brand. Listen to hear about the heart and soul behind these beverages and how the name “Good Dogg” came to life. Good Dogg Beverage plans to move its products down to the Space Coast in the fall. To learn more about our partner and their mission, visit https://gooddoggbeverage.com/.

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Episode 29: Dirty Dog’s Carwash

On this week's episode, learn more about our partner, Dirty Dog's Carwash as Mark Dominguez, Director of Operations in FL discusses their future plans on the Space Coast. Dirty Dog's is not an ordinary carwash, tune in to learn about their mission and all the great work they do for the community and the Space Coast. Dirty Dog's values are what sets them apart in the industry. As a company, they are more than a car wash. They are a community invested in each other. To learn more about their community focus visit, www.dirtydogscarwash.com/community-focus

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Episode 28: CareerSource Brevard

On this week's episode, learn more about our partner, CareerSource Brevard as we hear from Program Coordinator, Beatrice Boursiquot. Beatrice started with CareerSource Brevard in December 2017 and through her role has assisted individuals to find suitable employment and achieve their career pathways goals. She works directly with specific targeted populations which include individuals who are justice-involved and individuals who have been impacted by substance use disorder. Beatrice has fully committed herself to educate and make a positive impact on job seekers and employers. She is a trained facilitator and public speaker who is passionate about connecting with the public to eliminate stigma regarding justice involvement and the impact of the opioid epidemic.

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Episode 27: Amego Inc. of Florida

On this week's episode, learn more about our partner, Amego Inc. and their unique vision for the Space Coast. Hear from, Executive Director, Craig DeVincenzo who is a board-certified behavioral therapist and mental health counselor. Amego is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities throughout their lifespan. Amego has a huge presence in Massachusetts and opened up a second market in Florida. Learn more about how the Space Coast has become home for this important nonprofit.

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Episode 26: Mosquito Joe of Melbourne/Vero

On this week's podcast, learn more about our partner, Mosquito Joe of Melbourne/Vero as we hear from President, Kevin Beber. After moving from Cincinnati, Kevin and his wife decided to open up Mosquito Joe of Melbourne/Vero in 2020 during the pandemic. What sets Mosquito Joe apart is their unique team of entomologists, all of who have earned a Ph.D. in insects. Learn more about the many formulas Mosquito Joe's has created to make it more beneficial to their clients, specifically a nosium formula.

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Episode 25: Hedrick Brothers Construction Space Coast

On this week's podcast, learn more about the philosophy behind Hedrick Brothers Construction and the contribution they have towards developing the space coast. Specifically, get to know Mike Jaffe, Director of Business Development. Jaffe is not only a father to two kids and is married to his high school sweetheart, but at the age of 16, Jaffe started working for a concrete company that sparked his journey working in construction and business development.

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