[MELBOURNE, FL – October 2022] THE MASLOW GALA will be held at Hotel Melby in Downtown Melbourne at The Landing Rooftop, where Christopher Maslow presides as the Resident Artist. This one-night-only event is on October 29th, 2022, from 6 PM-9 PM and is open to only 250 registered guests.

Presented by Brevard Prevention Coalition, THE MASLOW GALA is a one-night-only immersive creative experience highlighting the artwork and community involvement of renowned artist Christopher Maslow. The event highlights the coalition’s I Choose ME social messaging strategy for community youths and families, which promotes positive choices that lead to a positive life instead of misusing drugs and alcohol to cope. He has championed that message by lending his talents to nurture skills and instill hope in young people who face serious challenges.

Maslow has been working with Brevard Prevention Coalition and other organizations for the past 12 years to assist the community through mentorship and hands-on workshops that reintroduce students to the Arts. He will also be honored at the gala for his commitment to improving the lives of our young people through art, character development and career development. Stanley Brizz, Executive Director at Brevard Prevention Coalition, states, “Maslow reaches kids at a deeper level and has great results by respecting them, showing them their value in the creative process and instilling art in them. He is the real deal and is equally notable for his heart as he is for this talent.”

The gala will showcase an entirely new body of never-before-seen paintings and artwork from Maslow. The event serves as his latest solo exhibition and aims to build awareness of how local entrepreneurs can be motivated to infuse youths with hope through mentorships and hands-on inclusive instruction. This promotes

non-traditional paths of interest that could grow to become careers and help secure their futures outside of common educational pathways.

To procure a $100 admission to the event, visit the landing page at brevardprevention.org/maslowgala. It features selections from Maslow’s artwork which are available for purchase. In addition, 30% of art acquisition proceeds are being donated to Brevard Prevention Coalition’s youth empowerment strategies, substance misuse prevention work, and addiction prevention efforts.

Brevard Prevention Coalition‘s vision is a resilient, healthier, and more educated community that is free from stigmas about substance misuse. They are providing at-risk youths and families with the resources and education to combat substance use disorders and live a positive, sober life. I Choose ME is their initiative that’s showing kids they can choose a better future for themselves with early intervention and redirection to positive choices.





Kara Berger