St. Francis Reflections Pediatric Palliative Care is excited to present our first Teddy Bear Clinic at

The Children’s Center in Titusville

As Brevard’s only dedicated pediatric palliative care team, we are honored to partner with

The Children’s Center for this special event


TITUSVILLE, FLA. (February 16, 2022) – St. Francis Reflections Lifestage Care has partnered with The Children’s Center in Titusville to host a Teddy Bear Clinic for children ages 3-10. The Teddy Bear Clinic is a kid-friendly, fun, and informative opportunity for children and families to engage in medical play and education in a non-threatening environment. This wonderful program serves to relieve stress and anxiety surrounding medical and health care experiences.

“As Brevard’s only dedicated pediatric palliative care team, we are honored to partner with The Children’s Center for this special event. Teddy Bear Clinics are really a great way to provide valuable age-appropriate health information for children and their families in our community– all while having fun,” said Lauren Loftis, Chief Medical Officer for St. Francis Reflections.

“Providing family support and education is the main focus at The Children’s Center. Our hope through the Teddy Bear Clinic initiative is that parents will learn about the wide array of pediatric services available in our community. This partnership gives parents the tools necessary for them to become the best possible advocate for their children,” commented Vaneesha Greco, The Children’s Center Manager.

During the Teddy Bear Clinic, children and families are invited to an engaging and playful “walk through” of some common health care experiences using teddy bears and play. Teddy Bear Clinic provides an opportunity to promote positive comfort and coping for our young community members (families too!) to feel empowered and supported in the health care environment going forward. Additional supportive agency booths related to children and health care will be available for families to visit and gather information. Teddy bears will be provided to guests while supplies last, but feel free to bring your favorite stuffed toy! The Teddy Bear Clinic will be held at the Titusville Children’s Center outdoor playground on Saturday, March 12, 2022, from 9 am – Noon. Space is limited and registration is required. To learn more   and to register for the event, visit or text TeddyBearClinic to 41444.

“We are excited to bring the Teddy Bear Clinic to the region. The response and support we have received from our community, local organizations, and parents on the value of the Teddy Bear Clinic has been truly remarkable,” praised Kathryn Sparger, Child Life Specialist at St. Francis Reflections.

About The Children’s Center

The Children’s Center, a service of Parrish Medical Center, is a collaborative, community-focused organization designed to meet the health care and educational needs of children and their families. For more information about The Children’s Center, please visit

About St. Francis Reflections

St. Francis Reflections Lifestage Care was founded in 1977 and licensed in 1990. St. Francis is Brevard’s longest-serving, not-for-profit, independent, interfaith provider of hospice, palliative care, pediatric palliative care and grief support services. For more information about St. Francis Reflections Lifestage Care, please visit or follow on Facebook @StFrancisReflections.


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Sharon Ivory