Supporting Brevard’s Most Exciting Companies

By Adam Martingano, Founder & Chief Strategist
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When Elizabeth Huy’s husband-to-be told her that Melbourne, Fla. was the capital of the world, she had her doubts at first. But as a 4th generation Brevard County resident, it turns out he was right.

After graduating from Florida State University, the Huy’s decided to relocate to the Space Coast eventually settling in Downtown Melbourne. Lizi spent the first few years post college working as a Marketing Specialist for ACG Promotions & Specialities and then moved on to work for Coldwell Banker as a Commercial Coordinator. In 2008, she began a 13-year career with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. As she excelled up the ranks, she became the Senior Manager of Business Development and was assigned to support the Melbourne Chamber, which became one of her favorite parts of the job.

In 2013 local entrepreneur and tenured Project Manager Wendy Romeo launched Alluvionic, a solutions provider that services clients through project management, process improvement, cybersecurity (CMMC), and engineering product design. When an opportunity to join the Alluvionic team presented itself, Lizi was excited to accept. Her role with Alluvionic is diverse by design. Marketing, communications, business development, and customer support are some of her primary duties. These all tie back to the core of the company, everything is rooted in a PM mindset. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) herself, Lizi helps with managing projects and teased that she is nosy and likes to know what’s happening, and this role allows her to do just that.

Since then, Alluvionic has grown by leaps and bounds. Originally offering project management services, Alluvionic has been able to expand its capabilities into process improvement, product development, and cybersecurity. What Lizi loves most about Alluvionic is the commitment to living by its core values. And under the leadership of Wendy, the team evaluates every action they take to ensure that it meets those values of unwavering commitment to the success of their clients. 

One of Alluvionic’s premier verticals is the support of the defense industrial base, helping companies that work with the DoD, as well as directly supporting our military including the Space Force and the Navy.

“The Space Coast is full of technology and innovation anchored by industry giants and a robust local supply chain – it makes the local economy really exciting”, stated Lizi. “I feel honored to participate in it firsthand through my work at the EDC and now at Alluvionic.”

Alluvionic is definitely a company to keep an eye on. Wendy has grown the team to 40 employees in a few short years and broke ground on a new headquarters facility in September 2021 which will firmly plant Alluvionic as one of the premier firms in Brevard County. 

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