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​Are you Professional? Your voicemail messages, internal office notes, and email must contain a basic level of professionalism. Think yours do? Most don’t. Up your game with some quick and easy tips that put you way ahead of your competitors.

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​The Biznify series is designed to help YOU grow YOUR Business & YOUR Career by focusing on easy, concise, business topics that every leader in every industry can use to be better at business

​Presented by Melbourne Regional Chamber President / CEO Christian D. Malesic, MBA, CAE, IOM

This playlist includes all Biznify videos in the series in order from newest to oldest. 
​It takes cash-on-hand to run a business. Cash allows bills to be paid, payroll to be met, and capital improvements to fuel expansion. Cash is King! King Cash, however, depletes quickly and must be replenished by a steady cash flow for the business to survive. Meet Queen Cash Flow. Oh, and don’t forget Prince Profit, he rounds out the royal financial metrics.
​Out of all the Principles of Marketing, ‘First to Market’ may just be the prime mover. It can be more important than budget size, media chosen, social media, font size, slogans, and images. Improve & grow your business by being the first in your region to market!

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The Melbourne Regional Chamber celebrated police, fire, rescue, sheriff’s deputies, and military with their annual #ValorAwards. Particularly moving was the Fallen Comrade Table (aka Missing Man Table), similar to a POW MIA Table. The business community in the Melbourne Region defends the thin blue line. We love our public safety and military!